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Yamaha DFP9C Professional Double Bass Drum Pedal, Double Chain Drive w/Case

Yamaha DFP9C Professional Double Bass Drum Pedal, Double Chain Drive w/Case

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The Yamaha FP9 Series foot pedals incorporate many new Yamaha design features that allow for smooth, durable and responsive performance with an added level of customization.

The durable, reliable double chain drive boasts fluid movement. The cam at the bottom of the chain can be moved into three positions, allowing the drummer to fine tune the pedal's action to match their preferred performance. It can also be used as a belt drive by replacing the belt that is included with the pedal.

Evoking the high-performance aesthetic of the Yamaha's legendary YZF-R1 superbike, all models include a blue bearing housing, gold Yamaha tuning-fork logo on the beater cap and black beater. The footboard is designed with an aluminum casting, offering a lighter, sturdier feel, inspired by the superbike's construction.

Other features include the independent beater and footboard angle adjustment, anti-skid heel spikes to keep the pedal and bass drum secure and they all come with Yamaha's dedicated carrying case.


• Quick-Adjusting Cam
• Axle Stabilizing Bearing Chamber
• Independent beater/footboard angle adjustment
• Ball Bearing Drive connection
• Side Access Hoop Clamp
• Easy Access Auto Lock Spring Adjustment
• Anti-Skid Heel Spikes
• Low Profile Stabilizing Hinge
• Weight Adjustable Beater: Aluminum 3g(x1), Brass 9g(x1)
• Carrying Case included
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