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Vox Amplug3 Headphone Guitar Amplifier

Vox Amplug3 Headphone Guitar Amplifier

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amPlug3 is the third generation of the amPlug series, the headphone amplifiers that can simply be plugged into a guitar and used right away. With a variety of amp options and guitar tones available, Amplug offers an ideal solution for guitarists and bass players to practice with the best tone while keeping things simple. Remember, every guitarist has to practice and with the expanded range in the amPlug 3 series, guitarists and bass players can have more than one!

Available models:
AC30: The well-known VOX AC30 sound. CH1 is the warm normal channel and CH2 is the sharp top boost channel.
UK Drive: UK 100W stack amp sound. CH1 has a full vintage sound and CH2 has a sharp distortion sound.
US Silver: US combo amp sound, with a clean and warm clean tone on CH1 and a smooth soft drive sound on CH2.
Boutique: Legendary boutique amp sound. CH1 is a bouncy clean, CH2 is a bright and silky overdrive sound.
High Gain: Modern high-gain amp sound, with a sparkling clean sound on CH1 and a sharp, aggressive high-gain distortion sound on CH2.
Bass: Standard bass amp sound. CH1 has a wide range, CH2 has a fat, punchy overdrive sound. Ideal for pop, Rock or Jazz.
Modern Bass: Modern bass amp sound with clear and bright CH1 and high-gain distortion sound with an edge on CH2. A more modern, aggressive bass sound.

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