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Schatten UST-1 Passive St/String U/Saddle Piezo Pickup

Schatten UST-1 Passive St/String U/Saddle Piezo Pickup

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The Schatten UST-1 Undersaddle Guitar Pickup is a high quality, coaxial element undersaddle pickup designed for steel and nylon string acoustic guitars. The UST-1 pickup sensor is more than 3 inches long, and can be used with any string spacing. The UST-1 pickup sensor is not string position dependent and will provide proper string balance regardless of the string spacing. The unique polymer cable piezo element that detects vibrations from all directions and provides a full, rich tone. The UST-1 is a passive pickup that is designed to be used with a preamp (not included). You can use any quality preamp with this pickup such as the Schatten DI-Plus Preamp/DI, or you might consider using the Schatten UST-1A or UST-2A pickups that include a high quality endpin jack preamp.

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