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Remo 2.5 inch Falam Slam Patch For Double Pedal

Remo 2.5 inch Falam Slam Patch For Double Pedal

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Double-kick Bass Drumhead Protection

Extend the life of your bass drumheads with this Remo Falam Slam Pad! This high-strength Kevlar patch gives your drumhead increased durability, making it a must-have for aggressive drummers. No matter what type of beater material you use, you'll benefit from adding a Falam Slam Pad to your kick drum's beater head. Think about it - unless you're constantly adjusting your double-kick pedal, you're hitting your kick drum in the exact same spots over and over. Gigging drummers at Sweetwater agree, you'll get a longer lifespan out of your bass drumheads when you use the Remo Falam Slam Pad

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