Used - Yamaha FP8500C Single Bass Drum Pedal

Used - Yamaha FP8500C Single Bass Drum Pedal

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  • Beater Shaft Locker

    The teardrop shaped shaft hole holds the shaft securely. The shaft's flat surface keeps the 2-way beater from swiveling while playing.

  • Beater Angle Adjustment

    Loosening the adjustment screw lets you freely adjust the beater angle along with the footboard angle.

  • Spring Tension Adjustment with Self Lock

    One hand spring tension adjustment is easy. A lock bolt secures the setting to prevent loosening during play.

  • Simple Hoop Clamp Mechanism

    A wing bolt firmly tightens the clamp for secure attachment. It also allows the clamp to accommodate different hoop thicknesses.

  • Spring Roller with Built-in Bearings

    Precision bearings deliver smooth, natural pedal action.

  • Base Frame Tie Rods

    Rubber coated tie rod ends prevent the footboard and base frame from becoming disconnected.

  • Longer Footboard

    The Footboard of FP8500C is longer than of FP9500C.

  • Chain Drive