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Ernie Ball How To Play Guitar Phase 1 Method Book

Ernie Ball How To Play Guitar Phase 1 Method Book

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Features 64 total pages covering the playing of individual notes, chords and songs (beginner-level instruction). Yellow pages teach chord strumming and white pages cover note reading. Staffs are numbered to help while learning in group environments. Several speed developers are included to help with hand dexterity when learning how to play guitar. Additional topics covered include:

  • Diagram of the guitar neck and fret positions
  • Tuning the guitar
  • Correct sitting position when playing guitar
  • Right arm position
  • Holding a guitar pick
  • Picking
  • Guitar tablature, notes and chord symbols
  • Left hand positioning
  • ...and more

Fully illustrated with very thorough explanations. An excellent book for beginners of all ages. After completing Ernie Ball Phase 1, readers are encouraged to move on to Phase 2.

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