Yamaha Reface DX 37-Key Mobile Mini Keyboard

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Yamaha Reface DX, 37-Key Mobile Mini Keyboard, 4-Operator FM Sound Engine, Onboard Effects, Sustain Pedal Input, Built-In Stereo Speakers, MIDI Connectivity, Aux Input, Dual Line Outputs, Yamaha Model REFACEDX.

• 4-operator FM Sound Engine offers dynamic and expressive additive synthesis
• A new feature of this engine is continuously variable feedback on every operator allowing for a wide-range of sound creation
• Two programmable effects blocks with seven effect types per block - VCM Touch Wah, VCM Flanger, VCM Phaser, Chorus, Delay, Reverb and Distortion
• Multi-touch control interface gives direct access to four simultaneous parameters
• 32 Voice memory locations allow storing and recalling favourite Voices
• Based on the FS action found on the flagship Motif XF, HQ (High Quality) Mini Keys provide premium feel and response for fast, accurate and natural playing
• Integrated Phrase Looper - capture song ideas or just jam
• Sustain pedal input allows the sustain function for all FM generated sounds