Yamaha Reface CS 37-Key Mobile Mini Keyboard

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Yamaha Reface CS, 37-Key Mobile Mini Keyboard, 5 Vintage Synth Types, Onboard Effects, Controller Pedal Input, Built-in Stereo Speakers, MIDI Connectivity, Aux Input, Dual Line Outputs.

Analog Physical Modeling Engine with multiple synthesis and oscillator types. Each oscillator type has flexible LFO and ADSR routing plus unique Texture and Mod controls that work as follows:
• Multi-saw
• Texture, control adds sub-oscillator
• Mod, layers multiple sawtooth waves
• Pulse
• Texture, changes pitch of 2nd square wave
• Mod, change pulse width
• Oscillator Sync
• Texture, changes pitch and tone of OSC2
• Mod, sets pitch change amount
• Ring Modulation
• Texture, changes pitch of OSC1
• Mod, changes pitch of OSC2
• Frequency Modulation
• Texture, sets Modulation amount
• Mod, changes pitch of the Modulator