Yamaha Reface CP 37-Key Mobile Mini Keyboard

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37-key Mobile Mini Keyboard with 6 Vintage Keyboard Types, 5 Effects, Sustain Pedal Input, Built-in Stereo Speakers, MIDI Connectivity, Aux Input, and Dual Line Outputs.

A Vintage Keyboard Sound Engine with six incredibly detailed vintage keyboard types. Each keyboard type matches a carefully chosen Drive and Tremolo setting to provide an incredibly musical pairing.

• 128-note polyphony ensures dropout-free performance
• Six keyboard types are: RdI, early '70s tine electric piano; RdII, late '70s tine electric piano; Wr, late '60s reed electric piano; Clv, 70s struck string Clavinet; Toy, toy piano; CP, Yamaha CP80 electric grand piano
• Five stomp box-style effects with direct control: Drive (adds harmonics and distortion); Tremolo (Auto-Pan for Rd) or VCM Wah with adjustable depth and rate; Chorus with adjustable depth and speed; VCM Phaser with adjustable depth and speed; Digital or Analog-Type Delay with adjustable time and depth; Reverb with adjustable depth