Yamaha FP9500C Double Chain Drive Bass Drum Pedal

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Yamaha FP9500C Double Chain Drive Bass Drum Pedal

  • 2way beater

    This convertible beater incorporates two types of beaters into a single unit. One side is a normal felt type while the other is made of plastic that delivers a feeling close to wood.

  • Beater Shaft Locker

    The teardrop shaped shaft hole holds the shaft securely. The shaft's flat surface keeps the 2-way beater from swiveling while playing.

  • Beater Angle Adjustment

    Loosening the adjustment screw lets you freely adjust the beater angle along with the footboard angle.

  • Spring Tension Adjustment with Self Lock

    One hand spring tension adjustment is easy. A lock bolt secures the setting to prevent loosening during play.

  • Simple Hoop Clamp Mechanism

    A wing bolt firmly tightens the clamp for secure attachment. It also allows the clamp to accommodate different hoop thicknesses.

  • Footboard Angle Adjustment

    The pedal angle can be set freely to any angle without affecting beater angle. This lets you set the pedal angle you want when the pedal is not pressed. A tuning key is used to make the adjustment, which also lets you align pedal height with your sub, and hi-hat pedals.

  • Spring Roller with Built-in Bearings

    Precision bearings deliver smooth, natural pedal action.

  • Base Frame Tie Rods

    Rubber coated tie rod ends prevent the footboard and base frame from becoming disconnected.

  • Chain Drive

    Convertible to the belt drive and a belt is included.