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Wyres Coated Electric Guitar Strings CE Series Made In Canada

Wyres Coated Electric Guitar Strings CE Series Made In Canada

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About Wyres

Wyres Strings began from humble beginnings. Our philosophy has always been to test, develop and make the best musical strings possible. Naturally as musicians, we are exceptionally discerning and try to employ our most creative skills to develop great products.

Very often musicians will be invited into the factory to test strings and give us real time feedback. In technical areas unfamiliar to us we do consult engineers, chemists and even metallurgists for advice and we try to incorporate new ideas into our production.

Our 1st generation of P.T.F.E. (polymer tetra-fluoro-ethylene) coated strings is a prime example of one of these innovations which we debuted at the NAMM 1997 Show in Anaheim, California. We have continued improving on our P.T.F.E. coated string process and are today offering a 3rd generation P.T.F.E. coating.

Wyres Strings are currently manufactured in the USA and Canada. We are one of the few companies to actually manufacture their own strings.

PTFE Coated Electric Guitar [CE]

Produced with a high tolerance nickelplated roundwound steel wrap-wire over a steel hexagon core-wire. They have an exceptionally soft, flexible feel, excellent for bending notes. A brilliant, yet full tone.

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