Schatten Mini-Pre Preamp Mini Pre

Schatten Mini-Pre Preamp Mini Pre

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The Mini Pre - Compact in size at only 1 inch thick, 2 inches wide, and a touch over 3 inches in length (25mm x 50mm x 80mm). Weight is 4.5 ozs. (125 grams) with a battery.

Simple - We've kept things simple. When you're on stage there's a limit to the amount of stuff that you really want to have to deal with. So we gave the Mini Pre a volume control, and that's it.

Solid - Tough enough to take years of stage abuse. The Mini Pre is built into a rugged ABS box that is more than tough enough to stand on. Made in Canada.

Hang It Where You Want - The Mini Pre comes complete with a sturdy belt clip that installs on the preamp in a minute, so you may use to clip the preamp to your belt or strap.

• Single Channel Preamp.
• Clean, crisp sound amplification.
• Even, flat response.
• 9 volt battery powered.
• Long battery life (up to 2000 hours with an alkaline battery).
• Trim pot on the circuit board for setting preamp gain from 0 to 20 db.