Novation Compact 25-Key MIDI Controller

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The new Launchkey Mini fits all the tools you need to form and develop your musical ideas into a seriously portable package. Make tracks in Ableton Live wherever you are, using Launchkey Mini’s 25 mini keys, 16 RGB clip launch/drumming pads, advanced Arpeggiator, Fixed Chord mode and Live Device Macros. Retrospectively grab MIDI grooves, riffs and sequences with the Capture MIDI button; command the mix with transport, Mute, Solo, Volume, Pan and Send controls; and get inspired with a ton of bundled sounds. It’s the mini keyboard controller for the truly creative musician. Perfect integration Launchkey Mini gives you seamless hands-on control of Ableton Live, helping you turn the music in your head into sonic reality. 16 RGB pads match the colours of clips in Live’s Session View, making clip and scene selection and launching totally intuitive, while eight rotary encoders put Live’s Device Macro controls right at your fingertips. And with mapping templates included for Logic Pro and Reason, not to mention full HUI support for Pro Tools and other DAWs, Launchkey Mini is geared up for all the other major DAWs, too. Get creative Step away from the computer and power up your creativity using the new Launchkey Mini’s fully featured Arpeggiator with Advanced MIDI Control. Perform and record beats and percussion lines with the big RGB pads, and trigger chords from single keys with Fixed Chord Mode. And thanks to Live’s Capture MIDI function, accessible direct from Launchkey Mini, everything you play is recorded in the background at all times, ensuring you’ll never lose a single note, even when you forget to hit record. Take control immediately With the addition of transport, Mute and Solo buttons, and Volume, Pan and Send controls, the new Launchkey Mini feels more like a physical extension of Live than ever. Now you can connect more deeply with your music, navigating and mixing your projects in a more tactile way than the mouse and keyboard can hope to match.
  • Deep and intuitive Ableton Live control, including clip and scene launching, Device Macros, track select, transport, Capture MIDI, Stop/Solo/Mute, Volume, Pans, Sends and more
  • Creative arpeggiator with up to four octaves of range, multiple directions and rhythms, Swing, Latch, adjustable Gate time and Advanced MIDI Mode
  • Fixed Chord mode for triggering chords from single notes
  • MIDI Out enables connection to synths, drum machines and other MIDI hardware for performance, parameter control and program changes
  • Our best mini keybed yet for improved playability
  • 16 pads are now RGB backlit for color matching to clips, bigger, and feature improved velocity sensitivity
  • Eight rotary encoders, Pitch and Modulation touch strips, and a sustain pedal input for versatile physical control input
  • Massive software and soundware bundle included – make music right out of the box
  • Mapping templates and HUI compatibility for use with Logic Pro, FL Studio, Reason, Pro Tools and other DAWs