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Line 6 XDV75HS Wireless Headset Microphone

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Pure 24-bit uncompressed sound for active performers.

XD-V75HS from Line 6 sets a new standard in hands-free wireless systems for active performers and presenters. Offering spectacular audio quality, XD-V75HS systems feature exclusive EQ filter modeling technology combined with a proven 4th-generation digital wireless platform, the most mature in the industry. With 14 channels of 24-bit, 10Hz-20kHz, compander-free performance, the XD-V75HS provides unmatched full-range audio clarity and license-free operation worldwide.


Maximize vocal clarity with built-in EQ filter models.

XD-V75HS gives you the flexibility to choose from nine EQ filter model types, optimizing the sound of the system for your voice and mic placement. Using the selector button on the transmitter bodypack, you can easily audition and choose from the available EQ filter models.


The included adjustable headset features a premium omni-directional condenser capsule and fits comfortably and securely for the clearest sound. Headset is available in black or tan for discrete applications.


Superior vocal reproduction, professional performance.

The signal from XD-V75HS is so clear and strong that it actually sounds like you’re using a wired microphone, but with all of the advantages of wireless, hands-free performance. Unlike traditional analog wireless systems, the XD-V75HS does not use signal companding, so the full 120dB dynamic range is available at all times.


2.4GHz band operation, license free.

Ensuring peace of mind and the most reliable performance, the XD-V75HS operates in the 2.4GHz band, which is free from interference due to TV broadcast, public safety announcements, cell phone towers and other transmitting devices.  Encoded DCL™ (Digital Channel Lock) technology prevents reception of any audio interference from other 2.4 GHz devices and ensures signal integrity.


Confused by wireless license fees? No need to worry, all XD-V75 systems are fully FCC compliant and operate license free worldwide. Using a Line 6 digital wireless product eliminates those complications.


One-step setup.

Simply choose a channel on the transmitter and receiver and they lock together automatically – job done. For more complex installations, channel scanning is provided for advanced RF management. Battery life can be monitored on easy-to-read meters on both the bodypack transmitter and receiver.


Full complement of advanced professional features.

The XD-V75HS includes a full complement of advanced professional features including signal encryption, dynamic filters, gain control, channel scanning and more to handle the most complex applications. Built for rock-solid performance night after night, the XD-V75HS receiver is housed in a robust aluminum chassis. The 1/2U receiver includes rack ears, antenna relocation accessories and rackmounting hardware.


Multiple receivers interlock easily to create multi-channel rack systems, and powered BNC antenna inputs allow daisy-chaining multiple units to a single antenna array. The large backlit LCD display gives access to all system options and controls. For complete flexibility, XD-V75 handheld, lavalier, headset and instrument components can be mixed and matched as required.




• Professional hands-free digital wireless headset system for active performers and presenters


• License-free operation worldwide

• Exclusive Line 6 EQ filter modeling technology optimizes the system for any performance situation – choose from nine distinct EQ filter model types (6 optimized for vocals; 3 for instruments)


• Accurate and precise vocal reproduction with full-range 24-bit 10 Hz-20 kHz (- 2.5 dB) frequency response, wide 120 dB dynamic range (A weighted), superior transient response, and 24-bit digital conversion


• Premium omni-directional condenser capsule (available in black or tan)


• Standard TA4 mini-XLR input for integrating 3rd-party microphones


• Proven 4th-generation digital wireless technology surpasses analog wireless systems in wireless reliability and sound quality


• One-step setup


• 2.4GHz band operation, free from interference due to TV broadcast, white space devices, and cell phone towers


• 14 always-available channels


• 300-foot (100-meter) extended range


• Premium cardioid condenser microphone – for professional hands-free performance


• Signal encryption for maximum signal privacy and integrity


• Dynamic Filter to combat unwanted environment noise


• Gain control to optimize receiver output


• Channel Scanning for best RF management in multi-system applications


• 2 powered BNC antenna inputs for use with the included 1/2 wave external antennas or our optional omni or directional paddle antennas


• BNC antenna outputs for daisy-chaining multiple receivers to a single antenna pair


• Transmitter LCD screen - for selecting channels, battery status, microphone model and more


• Large LCD screen on receiver for channel setting, battery status and more


• Road-ready headset, bodypack and receiver chassis


• FCC compliant; Immune to the FCC Consumer Alert regarding wireless microphones


• System includes premium headset, bodypack transmitter with protective storage case, 1/2U receiver, 2 x 1/2 wave antennas, front-mount antenna kit, rackmount kit, two AA alkaline batteries