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Line 6 XDV75 Wireless Handheld Microphone

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The sound of the world’s best wired mics, wireless.

XD-V75 from Line 6 sets a new standard in professional handheld wireless systems for performing vocalists. Featuring exclusive microphone modeling technology, XD-V75 delivers the sound of the world’s most popular wired mics combined with a proven 4th-generation digital wireless platform, the most mature in the industry. With 14 channels of 24-bit, 10Hz–20kHz, compander-free performance, the XD-V75 provides unmatched full range audio clarity and license free operation worldwide.


Microphone modeling technology.

XD-V75 gives you the flexibility to choose from 10 superb microphone models, so you can be confident you’ve got the right microphone sound to match your voice – and your performance. Using the selector button on the microphone transmitter, you can easily audition and choose from models based on* the world’s most popular live wired microphones including the Shure® SM58®, Shure® Beta 58A®, Sennheiser® e835, Audio-Technica® AE4100, Electro-Voice® N/D767a, and more.


Superior vocal reproduction.

The signal from XD-V75 is so clear and strong that it sounds and performs like a wired microphone. Unlike traditional analog wireless systems, the XD-V75 does not use signal companding, so the full 115dB dynamic range is available at all times – just like a wired mic.


2.4GHz band operation, license free.

Ensuring peace of mind and the most reliable performance, the XD-V75 operates in the 2.4GHz band, free from interference due to TV broadcast, white space devices, and cell phone towers.


Exclusive Digital Channel Lock (DCL™) technology provides encoded digital transmission protecting every nuance of your vocal performance. DCL distinguishes XD-V75 digital audio from any other 3rd-party signal including WiFi, guaranteeing signal integrity across the entire 300-foot (100-meter) range.


Confused by wireless license fees? No need to worry, XD-V75 systems are fully FCC compliant and operate license free worldwide. Using a Line 6 digital wireless product eliminates those complications.


One-touch Setup.

Simply choose a channel on the transmitter and receiver and they lock together automatically – job done. For more complex installations, channel scanning is provided for advanced RF management. Battery life can be monitored on easy-to-read meters on both the transmitter and receiver.


Full complement of advanced professional features.

The XD-V75 includes a full complement of advanced professional features under the hood including signal encryption, dynamic filters, gain control, channel scanning and more to handle the most complex applications. Built for rock-solid performance night after night, the XD-V75 receiver is housed in a robust aluminum chassis. The 1/2U receiver includes rack ears, antenna relocation accessories and rackmounting hardware.


Multiple receivers interlock easily to create multi-channel rack systems, and powered BNC antenna inputs allow daisy-chaining multiple units to a single antenna array. The large backlit LCD display gives access to all system options and controls. For complete flexibility, XD-V75 handheld, lavalier, headset and instrument components can be mixed and matched as required.




• Professional digital wireless system for performing vocalists


• License free operation worldwide


• Exclusive microphone modeling technology gives vocalists a choice of 10 superb microphone models based on* the world’s most popular mics including:

  • Shure® SM58®
  • Shure® Beta 58A®
  • Shure® SM57
  • a Sennheiser® e835
  • Sennheiser® e935
  • AKG® D5
  • Audio Technica® AE4100
  • Audix® OM5
  • Electro-Voice® N/D767a
  • Line 6 custom-voiced microphone


• Accurate and precise vocal reproduction with full-range 10 Hz – 20 kHz (- 2.5 dB) AF frequency response, wide 115 dB dynamic range (A weighted), superior transient response, and 24-bit digital conversion


• Premium dynamic microphone capsule designed for spectacular vocal reproduction, and interchangeable with capsules from other industry-standard mics


• Proven 4th-generation digital wireless technology surpasses analog wireless systems in wireless reliability and sound quality


• 2.4GHz band operation, free from interference due to TV broadcast, white space devices, and cell phone towers.


• 14 always-available channels


• 300-foot (100-meter) extended range


• One-touch setup


• Large LCD display on receiver for channel setting, model selection, battery status, and more


• Signal encryption for maximum signal privacy and integrity


• Dynamic Filter to combat unwanted environment noise


• Gain control to optimize receiver output


• Channel Scanning for best RF management in multi-system applications


• 2 powered BNC antenna inputs – for daisy chaining multiple systems


• Premium dynamic microphone capsule - with cardioid polar pattern


• Interchangeable microphone capsules – compatible with other industry standard mic capsules


• Transmitter LCD Display - for selecting channels, battery status, microphone model, and more


• Transmitter Naming – for identifying transmitters in a multi-system application


• Road-ready metal transmitter and receiver chassis


• FCC compliant; Immune to the FCC Consumer Alert regarding wireless microphones


• System includes microphone transmitter with protective storage case, 1/2U receiver, 2 x 1/2 wave antennas, front-mount antenna kit, rackmount kit, two AA alkaline batteries