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Godin ACS Slim Cedar Natural SG Guitar w/Bag

Godin ACS Slim Cedar Natural SG Guitar w/Bag

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ACS SLIM Nylon Natural SG

Made in Canada 

Slim’ refers to the 1.715″ nut width, which is a mere 16th of an inch wider than the nut width on our standard electric guitars. If you do most of your playing on a guitar with a fairly narrow neck (most solid body electric guitars) this is the ACS-SA for you. The slim neck of this guitar along with our Ergocut shaping technique and 16″ fingerboard radius make for a very easy transition for steel string guitar players looking to integrate nylon string guitar sounds into their music. Aside from the new neck, the ACS-SA Slim shares all of the same features that have made the ACS-SA an industry standard. The chambered silver leaf maple body and cedar top result in an instrument that is virtually free of feedback, making it easy to use even in loud stage situations.



Bridge and Tailpiece

Bridge Electronics

Color Name


On-Board Preamp


Fingerboard Radius

16" (406.4 mm)





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