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XPND is the pedalboard that adapts to you. With its patented telescoping technology, XPND lets you instantly change the size of you board and number of pedals – forever expanding your sonic potential. XPND also features a unique cable management system and comes fitted with loop Velcro, keeping everything neat, while making swapping pedals super easy. Available in 2-rail and 4-rail models.

  • 2 Models:
  • XPND 1 is a 2 rail system that allows the user to have 1 row of pedals
  • XPND 2 is a 4 rail system that allows the user to have 2 rows of pedals 

Patented telescoping design adjusts to accommodate your pedal needs • Lightweight, ultra-durable aluminum withstands the most aggressive touring • Innovative cable management system eliminates mess and tangling • Pre-applied loop Velcro ensures lasting strength when swapping pedals