Animals Pedal Sunday Afternoon Is Infinity Bender Fuzz

Animals Pedal Sunday Afternoon Is Infinity Bender Fuzz

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Reproduce the tone bender sound designed by Wren and Cuff, who produces the world-famous fuzz pedal that reproduces numerous vintage tones.The Sunday Afternoon Is Infinity Bender brings back the fuzz sound of the mid-1960s, which had a huge impact on many fuzz pedals. A thick and warm fuzz tone with a center of gravity near the low to mid. It is even heavier than the fuzz face, and the higher the fuzz, the higher the edge.

It is a characteristic that is exactly like a tone bender. The SMOOTH knob allows you to adjust the fuzz fluff, smoothness, and tone balance. If you combine it with a clean amp, setting FUZZ high will give you a “fuzz-like” tone. If you combine it with a tube amp, let's make a sound with FUZZ starting around 12 o'clock. You can also lower the FUZZ and bring the pickup to the front to create an intensely warm and soft tone.


  • VOL: Adjusts the overall volume
  • FUZZ: Adjusts the strength of distortion
  • SMOOTH: Adjusts the balance, warmth, and edge of the tone

The Sunday Afternoon Is Infinity Bender features a true bypass footswitch and is powered by a 9V battery or a standard center minus DC 9V adapter.


  • Current consumption: 1mA
  • Input impedance: 4.7K-100K
  • Output impedance: <3.3K

* When using the battery, unplug it from the input jack to reduce battery consumption when storing the effector. stay here. Also, remove the batteries before storing the product if it will not be used for a long period of time.